Live data as you have never seen before

Enjoy live sports in a brand new way with 3D information right in front of you. Every information about the game is available in your field of view, just where you want it to be.

Thanks to mixed reality, you will be able to visualize live stats in 3D on your own coffee table: live tracking of the players, heatmaps, shots distribution and more.

Multi-screen experience

Receive updates as soon as new content is available: stats, social feeds, editorial news, highlights…

Scroll through the timeline or click on one of the notifications to dig into the content through a second screen panel.

Watch all video highlights from the best angle thanks to the multi-cam panel.

Your favorite players right in front of you!

Get closer than ever to your favorite players by bringing them to your own living room! And learn about their key statistics in the current tournament or game. Challenge them by comparing their performances with other players.

Take selfies with these 3D avatars, and share them with your friends on all social networks.

Also available in the stadium

Usually, spectators in stadiums don’t have access to a lot of information about the game while it is live, but thanks to ARISE, they can now get access to live data directly overlaid on top of the pitch and event on top of the players. Each fan can see how much distance each player ran, their instant speed or even get detailed statistics about them. And without ever looking away from the action as the data is directly displayed in front of them!

This solution has been deployed for the Telekom Baskets team in Bonn. It is available on smartphones and Magic Leap smartglasses.

A cross-platform experience



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